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Patrick Aubert de la Ruee

Digital native with an academic background in engineering. Driven by passion. Specializes in marketing, management and strategy to help people and companies excel.


Patrick Aubert de la Rüe – Born 1977 in Vasa, Finland with dual nationalities; Swiss and Swedish. International upbringing in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA. Native swedish, german and english speaker. Attended school in Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. University studies in Germany and Sweden. Global work experience based out of Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

Online expertise

Patrick has been part of the urbanization of the Internet from early on and is interested in a wide range of online topics including online marketing, network and internet technologies, e-commerce, social media, mobile devices, customer engagement models, software and network architectures, multichannel strategies and more

Agile product development

As a firm believer of agile product development holding a CSPO and CSM Patrick has extensive experience introducing, establishing and improving agile project and portfolio management methodologies in corporate environments. His current interest revolves around the potential of new business development through staged funding in conjunction with agile product development.

Business Mindset

With a strong background in consulting, engineering, the defense-, automotive-, telecommunications- and outdoor-industry Patrick has always had a business mindset with entrepreneurial tendencies. This is expressed in a result oriented approach within given frames, focusing on delivering tangible results.

Outdoor lifestyle

Outdoor action sports and the lifestyle that follows always been very important to Patrick. He spends a lot of time in the mountains freeskiing, mountainbiking, climbing. Whenever given opportunity he also enjoys the ocean and activities like surfing and sailing

Driven by passion

Throughout his life Patrick has been driven by passion. When finding a passion he dedicates time and effort into perfecting his skills. Tapping into passion is how he excels and delivers performance beyond expectations. His passion is the fuel to keep motivated.


Patricks creativity is what makes him evolve and excel in new areas. He loves challenges where he can find solutions through use of creativity. Once finishing a project he has 10 new ideas and creative angles to indulge in. A good example of a major outlet of creativity is his photography.

Ingredients for success.

Random Facts

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Brands Patrick has worked for

Berata / Altran IABG Telefonica o2 Black Diamond Equipment

A full curriculum vitae is available upon request.


  • …hervorragendes und umfassendes Fachwissen… findet auf für komplexe Aufgabenstellungen überzeugende und passende Lösungen

    Black Diamond Equipment
  • Besonders hervorzuheben [sind] seine Leistungen im Bereich Portfolio- und Multiprojektmanagement. Darüber hinaus sind seine Kenntnisse im Bereich Agiler Software-Entwicklungsmetodiken und Online Strategien erwähnenswert..

    Telefonica o2
  • [Patrick] is a very targeted and customer-oriented person, who is in the position to meet requirements of great complexity …he combined both at a very high level analytical and conceptual judgement and intellectual power combined with a very pragmatic approach



Aubert de la Rüe coat of arms

Aubert de la Rüe 1170-2014

The following abstract is based on the works of Rolf Aubert de la Rüe (1947-2008) "Die Familie Aubert de la Rüe von Genf", Feldmeilen, 2008.

The family Aubert de la Rüe descends from the families: Aubert (Crest, Dauphiné), de la Rüe (Lessines, Walloon Flanders), Pasteur (Vevey & LaTour de Peilz, Vaud), Heath (Exeter, Devonshire) and de Vesc (Dauphiné). The name conists of a union of two family names: Aubert and de la Rüe. The union was created by decision of the Conseil d’État of Geneva in 1906. The name conists of a union of two family names...created by decision of the Conseil d’État of Geneva in 1906 It allowed the descendants of Hippolyte Aubert and Clémentine Caroline De la Rüe to carry the double name Aubert - De la Rüe. The decision was based on the wish of Hippolyte not to let the family name De la Rüe become extinct, as Clémentine Caroline was the last bearer. Throughout history the name Aubert de la Rüe and in particular De la Rüe has been spelled differently with respect to hyphens, capitals and the dieresis over the u. The spelling Aubert de la Ruee is often used to ensure that the dieresis over the u in Rüe is not lost, The coat of arms of the family Aubert de Crest en Dauphiné et Genéve … key elements are the three lyam hound heads on a gold shielda practice that has survived throughout all the way into the modern internet day and age. The coat of arms of the family Aubert de Crest en Dauphiné et Genéve is depicted above. Key elements are the three lyam hound heads (sometimes also braques) on a gold shield. The designs of the coat of arms have changed throughout history, like the helmet, crown and other ornaments. The family motto under the coat of arms was originally "fide et fortitudine" (faith and currage) but later changed by the Aubert of Geneva to "invisibilia non decipiunt" (invisible does not disapoint).

The family Aubert de Crest en Dauphiné et Genéve (1530-2014)

Uninterrupted and unambiguous succession of the family Aubert de Crest en Dauphiné et Genéve can be traced back through documents to Vincent Aubert de Manas born in 1530. André Casalis managed to link back the roots of the family to Jeanne de Vesc (great grandmother of Jaques II. Aubert) in his works "L'Arbre du temps". Naturalization in Geneva 1702-1708.

The family de la Rüe from Lessines, Walloon Flanders (1530-2014)

The uninterrupted and unambiguous succession of the family de la Rüe from Lessines, Walloon Flanders can be traced back to Symond de la Rüe born in 1530. Gaspard de la Rüe fled due to religious persecution and was naturalized in Geneva in 1579. The meaning of the name is ambigous as it originates from a french speaking part and contains french elements (de la) but also flemish elements (dieresis over the u).

The family Pasteur from Vevey & LaTour de Peilz, Vaud (1421-1960)

Originally from Saint Maurice-sur-Bellerive where Jean Pasteur was born in 1421. Elisabeth Pasteur, the great grandmother of the author, passed on in 1960.

The family Heath from Exeter, Devonshire & de Vesc, Dauphiné (1645-1882)

Through 6 marriages in the 18th and 19th century related to the family Aubert de la Rüe. The last links being Elisabeth Heath and Anne-Camilla Heat, 5 generations prior to the author.

The family de Vesc, Dauphiné (1170 - 1630)

The genealogy of the family de Vesc is of great importance since Jaques II Aubert (1677-1743) great-grandson of Jehanne de Vesc was. The family was a were knights in the Dauphiné.

Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it.

-- Sir Henry Royce

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